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Aluminium cast 5-ton cleat


  • Stainless Steel plate for mounting (size 30mm, 25mm)
  • Fixings


Our GTS cleat is ideally designed for all applications. Can be used on boats as well as docks.

Our dock cleats are perfect for securely tying common knots such as cleat hitches, clove hitches, bowline knots, and anchor bends. 
These dock cleats are perfect for docking a variety of small watercraft: bass boats, bowriders, fishing boats, cruisers, pontoons, utility boats, and even some small cabin boats.

Cleat 5 T

SKU: 0001
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH:   tba 
    Material Classification:    A356-T6 Aluminium 
    Part Number   

    GTS CLS25T

    Color Silver ( refers to images) 


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