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Ciltech is a West Australian based company that provides products and services to the marine, mining, and construction industry. Our primary specialty is the design, manufacture, and construction of floating jetty systems that service both residential and commercial applications.


Our History

Ciltech was formed in 2022 when Leno and Mason partnered together moving forward from Global Trade Sales (GTS). GTS was previously known as Engineered Water Systems.

The company began by importing and exporting quality steel and HDPE products to businesses in the marine and mining industry. 

In 2017 GTS expanded its services to marine consultancy and steel manufacturing to ACH Global for designing and constructing of a new offshore conveyor jetty to support Metro Mining with their Bauxite Project in Queensland. 


In 2019 we returned back to our roots developing and manufacturing quality pontoon systems.  

Company Directors

Leno Cilia is the former founder, director and sole owner of Global Trade Sales, a successful marine company.

Leno has developed a high level of professionalism with over 30 years of experience as a successful businessman and Director.

Mason Cilia is a dedicated professional engineer with over 5 years of maintenance engineering experience in the rail and mining industries, over 8 year’s in design & engineering experience in jetties and marine systems. With such an extensive range of experience, Mason’s engineering disciplinary opportunities include mechanical, structural, electrical and control systems.

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