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Our sheet piles are manufactured as grade 350 steel and are produced in 'U' and 'Z' sections. All our steel products are supplied with Mill Certificates. Standard lengths for both 'U and 'Z' sections are 12m.


'350' - minimum yield strength in MPa.

2nd Moment of Inertia - also known as moment of inertia, 2nd moment of area, or second area moment. Geometrical property of an area which reflects how its points are distributed. Important property used to determine a beams deflection caused by a moment applied.

Section Modulus - geometric property for a given cross-section. Commonly defined as the 2nd moment of inertia divided by the distance from the neutral axis (S = I / y).


"U" Sections

U-Section Sheet Pile
U-Section Table of Sizes

"Z" Sections

Z-Section Sheet Pile
Z-Section table of sizes
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